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PostSubject: Forum Rules:   Mon Feb 02, 2009 2:51 pm

Every where needs rules or laws. If not then there would be complete anarchy! So I've decided to set these rules up for you to comply with. If you breach these then you will be warned and possible banned temporarily or permanently. I will be the decision maker of this, my moderators will inform me of this when I am away.

1. Racism and bullying what so ever is a definite no!

2. You do what the moderators or administrators tell you. They won't tell you to do something unless you do something wrong though. They won't make you their bitch.

3. Even though I appreciate you maybe needing visitors for your new forum, I do not want your forums to be posted in the Show Off Website forum without permission. To get permission you can PM me.

4. NO breach of compliance with these rules at all!

Failure to comply can lead to a permanent ban. Keep within the lines I set and there will be no problems.

Maybe I should note also.
A permanent ban includes the banning of your user name and I.P. Also any new memberships with the same email address or any other personal information will be banned upon registration.
Not one or the other. If you have a relative who also uses this website then we can work something out.
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Forum Rules:
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