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 Section32 (SECT32)

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PostSubject: Section32 (SECT32)   Mon Feb 02, 2009 2:52 pm

With the new release of Section32 comes a lot of improvements listed below:

Attractiveness: Definitely looks more attractive than the last Section32!

Memberships: Now has memberships so now dick heads can view and post anywhere at all within the Board Index, keeping them at bay!

Safety: The only security I will involve with this forum is telling my users that no matter what, all users MUST be aged 18 +. I'm not responsible for kids picking up bad language from the Internet, their parents are!

Wider Variety of Topics: Whereas the last was just a Board Community, this forum now involves just about all aspects of computers from programming to game design and web development and also the spam threads too because everyone needs to spam somewhere.

So enjoy.

If you cannot find a topic here you that you think should be then by all means suggest it in the appropriate place:

Forum Rules can be found here:

Please check through them so you can know what's right and wrong. If a breach of the rules occur you will be warned or depending on the severity of the breachment you will be permanently or maybe temporarily banned. But you should know I stretch my rules for a "freedom of speech" belief.

So besides all of the important stuff, enjoy the forum. This area is intended for Announcements so in order to keep updated then check the new posts here.
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Section32 (SECT32)
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