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 Updates -- 2 / FEB / 2009

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PostSubject: Updates -- 2 / FEB / 2009   Mon Feb 02, 2009 4:28 pm


There is now a Chat-Box on here!. If it says "You are disconnected", then at the top right there is a yellow link that says "Log In", do this and you will be connected.

To view the Chat-Box, go to the very bottom of the Board Index and you will see the following.

Click that link inside the yellow box I've drawn and it will show up in a pop-up window. So if you have a pop-up blocker, remember to allow this one or you won't get very far.

Commands for Chat-Box are:

/clear   Delete the messages from the Chatbox

/cls   Same as the '/clear' command

/me   In the beginning of a sentence, this command will be replaced by your username (ex: /me eats a delicious pizza" will display "Nickname eats a delicious pizza")

/exit   Disconnect from the Chatbox. You can also precise the reason that will be visible for all members connected (ex: /exit reason)

/abs   Send a message noticing that you're absent. You can add a reason that will be displayed in the message and visible by all members connected to the Chatbox (ex: /abs reason)

These are only the operations that can be used by normal members. There is a moderators/administrators list also which will be given to you upon recruitment.


The portal shows information such as affilates, latest topics, search site using google, and other stuff.


Sooner or later everyone needs a calendar, so now SECT32 has its own. It's there to commemorate stuff, remember stuff, whatever stuff.
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Updates -- 2 / FEB / 2009
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