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 Word Association Game!

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PostSubject: Word Association Game!   Tue Feb 03, 2009 4:19 pm

So in the interests of fun, games and spam we are going to play a game...

Every forum needs one of these and if you don't know how to play this you're not human!

If you don't; Type the first word that comes into your head after the previous word.
But this is with a little bit of a twist. Since on forums most people can't be bothered to look through all of the pages to see what's been said or not, this one you have to. You can not say a word that's already been said! And to stop someone from doing this, I may think about banning them from the topic so they can't play.

I might take away this second rule though. See how it goes!

And for reading interests, type it in the center of the post with a colour font.


Add any comments to other words below the post. Smile
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Word Association Game!
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